The Good Food 100 2017

Announcing the 2019 Good Food Farmer and Purveyor of the Year

By Amanda M. Faison

Without a good supply chain, the Good Food movement wouldn’t—and couldn’t—exist. For this very reason, the Good Food 100, which celebrates restaurant transparency, created the Good Food Farmer and Purveyor of the Year Award. This distinction honors the farmers, ranchers, fishermen and fisherwomen, purveyors, and distributors who are dedicated to sustainability, transparency and advancing good food. It is their foresight, their labor, and ultimately their ingredients that help determine and shape the plates of the Good Food 100 restaurants. This year’s winners are:

• Carne Locale (New England)

PrairiErth Farm (Great Lakes)

Good Shepherd Poultry (Plains)

White Oak Pastures (Southeast)

Niman Ranch (Southwest)

Croft Family Farm (Rocky Mountains)

Produce Express (Far West)

The 2019 recipients, which were nominated by participating chefs in the 2019 Good Food 100 Restaurants, represent seven regions across the United States. The award was piloted last year in Colorado (Good Food 100’s home base) with honors going to both Clint and MaryKay Buckner of Buckner Family Farm in Boulder County for their pasture-raised lamb, beef, and pork; and Emma Stopher-Griffin and Matthew Kottenstette of Farm Runners, a regional food distributor in Hotchkiss.

As a new year beckons, we will bring you the behind-the-scene stories of these winners, along with Good Food 100 chefs and recipes.