The Good Food 100 2017

Farm Burger

"Today you can see the phrases "farm to table", "green", "locally sourced" and "grassfed" thrown about on many restaurant menus. These were terms that meant something to the forward thinking chefs, restauranteurs and producers who worked hard to source these items, cultivate them and proudly paid extra costs to serve them. But what do these terms mean today? Many times, nothing. They have been stolen and twisted as a marketing tool, a way to have some restaurants feel good about themselves by buying a few heirloom tomatoes once a year, leaving the consumer misinformed and misled. Good Food 100 Restaurants states their purpose clearly in its first paragraph. It's designed is to "educate eaters and celebrate all types of restaurants for being TRANSPARENT with their purchasing practices". We wholeheartedly support this amazing purpose!" 
– George Frangos  Partner/Co-Founder of Farm Burger 

Chefs Collaborative Member
Slow Food Member
Georgia Organics Member/Board Member

Fast Casual
Founders: George Frangos and Jason Mann
Farm Burger