The Good Food 100 2017

Hell's Backbone Grill & Farm

"The idea of "good food" is central to our restaurant. It's why we have our own farm and it determines what we serve to our customers. To us, good food is food that is produced sustainably and ethically, and it is superior in taste and nutritive quality. We won't serve anything to our customers that we wouldn't want to eat ourselves, and we are extremely serious about clean sourcing. We don't serve any factory raised meats or eggs or conventional factory farmed produce or fruit. We don't use any ingredients that are GMO. We don't have anything in the restaurant that has HFCS or food dye. Even our wine list is sourced based on sustainable growing and production practices. We make everything in house so we can control what's in it- even our hot sauce and jam!" 

Fine Dining
Chef and Owners: Blake Spalding and Jen Castle
Hell's Backbone Grill & Farm