The Good Food 100 2017

Cart Driver

"More than the buzzwords of "local, traceable, and sustainable (which are all very important), Good Food is a small thing and a large thing... and good food is people. Food that is grown, raised, foraged, and procured with an intention and understanding that it will have one of the most intimate and important experiences with the body- that of nourishing the body- is good food. Good food's purpose is also large, by those who realize that the food they grow is part of a larger ecosystem... a global ecosystem, that impacts many and whose effects can be felt for generations. Lastly, good food is people, and good food is touched by people, who are tasked with a tremendous responsibility. Good food connects people, educates people, and nourishes people." 

Chefs Collaborative Member
Eat Denver

Fast Casual
Operating Partner: Andrew Birkholz
Cart Driver