The Good Food 100 2017


"Chef Nick Strawhecker's love of Good Food and restaurants has grown deeply over the years and every experience with food has increased his passion and commitment to providing an incredible authentic, sustainable Italian experience in Omaha. Chef Nick Strawhecker has focused on Good Food for his entire career as a Chef. In fact, it is his experience as a young man - traveling and eating his way through Europe with his family - that truly began his passion for Good Food. He has brought his modern take on traditional Italian cooking to America's heartland by cultivating relationships with growers and producers across Nebraska and the Midwest. As a result, the Dante table is ruled by the seasons based strictly on the hyperseasonality of the produce and available proteins and fish. Each dish is rooted in Strawhecker's fundamental love for Italian food and wine, then elevated by his unique skill and craft. Good Food means a restaurant is built around the philosophy of hyper-seasonal, sustainable ingredients and knowing where our food comes from, how it is grown and who the producer is. Chef Nick Strawhecker and Dante know which farmers make our mozzarella, raise and slaughter our chickens, lamb, pork and beef. Chef has solid relationships and a hyper focus on who grows our tomatoes, greens, basil, mushrooms, etc. He forges for our own morel mushrooms when they are in season. It's his mission to truly cultivate relationships with growers and producers across Nebraska and the Midwest." 

Fine Dining
Chef and Owner: Nick Strawhecker